RGB to Hex Convertor

RGB to Hex Convertor

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What is RGB to Hex?

In computer display, the system for representing the colors is RGB (red, green, blue). Various colors can then be displayed by combining various intensity of red, green and blue colors. The intensity for red, green and blue is divided into 256 levels respectively, and represented by range of decimal numbers from 0 to 255, equivalent to the range of binary numbers from 00000000 to 11111111, or hexadecimal 00 to FF. The total number of available colors is 256 × 256 × 256, or 16,777,216 possible colors.

For example, we have a color with intensity:

Red: 100
Green: 80
Blue: 200

When converted into binary:
Red: 01100100
Green: 01010000
Blue: 11001000

When converted into Hex:
Red: 64
Green: 50
Blue: C8

Therefore, the RGB (100,80,200) to Hex is #6450C8