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Please enter "Total number of person(s)" to start go dutch calculation (Go dutch calculation tool instructions)


What is go dutch calculator? How to use go dutch calculator?

If you go trips, lunch, dinner or shopping with your friends or colleagues, and going to calculate average payment for each person, you should have this hassle free going dutch calculation tool. No need to mark the payment in papers, no Microsoft Excel required.

Using go dutch calculator is easy, you only enter your firends' name and how much they paid, of course including yourself. Simply click, go dutch calculator will calculate how much you and your friends have to paid or get.

Example 1:
1. 4 friends in total
2. Friend1 paid: 4 Admission tickets (Each admission ticket $50) + Dinner $500

After entered "Total number of person(s)", you can enter the following to "Paid amount" for "Friend1":


If you feel unclear to just entering numbers, you can add comments, like the box below:
(no worries with the input format, but DO NOT use square brackets e.g. <Trip day one>)
*The number 4 in #4 will be ignored in calculation, because it has prefix #

Trip day one:
$50*4 #4 Admission tickets

$500 Dinner

When you click somewhere outside the input box, system will re-calculate immediately. To be more readable, the total sum will be display in "Paid amount", like:


Of course your paid amount details are still there. When you click "Paid amount" input box again, you will see the details again, and can be edited.

If you want to save the details in "Paid amount" and edit later, you can click "Save this calculation", our system will generate an URL for you. You can visit this URL later to get back your information, which can be edited and save again. Also you can send this URL to your friends, so that they can involve in editing the calculation.

After finished entering all "Paid amount", you can click "Copy results" to copy the summary report. You can paste it to Whatsapp, line, Snapchat, etc. and send to your friends. The summary report is something like:

Total expenses: $700.00
Average expenses per person: $175.00

*Positive means paid, negative means get back
Friend1: $-525.00

Friend2: $175.00

Friend3: $175.00

Friend4: $175.00

Paid details

=== Friend1 ===
Trip day one:
$50*4 #4 Admission tickets

$500 Dinner

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