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What is "FPS QR Code Generator"?

"FPS QR Code Generator" is used to generate FPS QR Code that you can use to collect money from friends or customers!

FPS (Faster Payment System) Introduction:

To meet the increasing demand for efficient retail payment services in the market, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) launched the Faster Payment System (FPS) on September 17, 2018. Banks and e-wallet operators in Hong Kong can participate in this system. Customers of merchants only need to enter the recipient's mobile phone number or email address to easily make cross-bank/e-wallet payments through FPS, and the recipient can receive the funds instantly. FPS operates 24/7 and supports payments in Hong Kong dollars and Chinese yuan. FPS combines efficiency, flexibility, and security to provide a seamless transaction experience.

To make payments more convenient for customers, merchants can generate their FPS information into a QR code. This way, customers only need to scan the QR code with their mobile phones to make payments.

Other FPS information:

  • What is the transfer limit for FPS?
    There is no unified standard for the transfer limit of FPS. The transfer limit for most banks for small-value transfers is HK$10,000. The transfer limit for non-registered payees is generally not more than HK$500,000. The transfer limit for registered payees ranges from HK$1,000,000 to HK$1,500,000. Customers can set different transfer limits for different categories.
  • Is FPS an instant transfer system?
    Under normal circumstances, FPS enables instant transfers, and the recipient usually receives the transfer notification within seconds. If the recipient does not receive the funds instantly, please verify the recipient's information and check if the FPS system is under maintenance.
  • Are there any transaction fees for FPS?
    Individual bank account customers using FPS transfers are generally not charged fees. However, there may be fees for commercial bank accounts. Please contact your bank for detailed information.
  • Can FPS be used for bill payments?
    FPS can be used for bill payments, such as government bills. Please refer to the individual bank's instructions on how to use FPS for bill payments.
  • Can multiple accounts be linked to the same FPS?
    Yes, one mobile phone number or email address can be linked to multiple recipient bank accounts or e-wallets. The mobile phone number or email address can be separately set as two default receiving accounts.
  • Can the receiving account be selected for FPS?
    Yes, FPS allows the selection of the receiving account during the payment process.
For more information about FPS (Faster Payment System), please browse FPS official website HKICL (FPS).

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